The Game Changer

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Business applications have gone through a similar process.

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Everything about the way they are delivered and consumed has changed with the advent of the cloud. Consider, for example, the SaaS model — business applications are consumed as a service in different consumption-based models.

The Game Changers

High initial investments into things like licensing or infrastructure have almost been eliminated, making certain applications much more accessible to small organizations, while also appealing to larger traditional ones. As a knock-on effect, software product companies have had no choice but to adapt their products to be used via this new model, with the result that SaaS has now surpassed the traditional methods of service provision.

Living in the clouds used to mean losing your grip on reality.

In business, the cloud provides the infrastructure on which applications are built, and enables information processing, as well as intelligent information systems, which use AI and machine learning. Democratization of entrepreneurship Global deployment of the cloud infrastructure, the development and running of platforms, and the huge ecosystem of services and business applications now available and easily accessible, have reduced the threshold for novice entrepreneurs to access major business breaks.

6 Steps for Creating a Game Changer

The race to software delivery In the face of intense market competition, speed is everything! In order to produce and roll out applications and features quickly and efficiently, the app production line must be streamlined and accelerated.

Enter the cloud: cloud platforms provide a sequence of services for developing, deploying, managing, and running applications, enabling the automation of production lines so that processes are smooth, efficient, fast and accurate — and products hit the market faster. What will be when the wind changes? The film also forces us to rethink other things we thought we knew.

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It shows how science is now discovering that Roman Gladiators were likely predominantly vegetarian, that our teeth are specifically not for eating meat, that our bodies process meat ineffectively and that plant protein is better than animal-based protein. And my answer was, have you ever seen an ox eating meat?

Thailand GameChanger - Changing the Game in Thailand - Business, Investment, StartUps

This seems to be the first time this has been tackled on the big screen and the audience is shown adverts and narrative from the recent past that actively serves to reinforce these stereotypes. We also learn how meat and dairy has been explicitly marketed to us as macho, good for us, and that it will make us strong and the film goes back to the exact source of that original myth and how since then it has been completely debunked by science.

It’s all about choices.

Many of us are already aware that the production of meat is inherently cruel to animals, and inherently inefficient. The film tells us that animals just act as a middleman or carrier, including for protein and we learn that all protein comes from originally from the land.

Learn about the new cannabis guide

There are often other reasons why people may fear going plant based or drastically reducing meat intake, linked to concerns over health which ironically is the opposite issue , protein and performance. The Game Changers is going to change the way we look at meat.

If the film sets out to achieve some myth busting around health, strength and meat consumption then it definitely does the job.

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